Learn About the Author Who Wrote Stories of Love


In the ‘80s,

I began writing and was multi-published in the category of romance, contemporary fiction, and teenage self-help books. A life-changing event happened to me, so I decided to return to my teaching career. When I retired from my education profession, I returned to writing.

This endeavor proved successful, as I was able to publish many titles that many readers found enchanting. After a momentous career, I retired from writing in January 2018.

Refreshing My Talent

Since the writing styles changed over the years, I had to relearn my craft and start from the beginning. One of the things I adore is a good romantic tale, and I work hard to tell these stories in my books. To keep up with the demands of contemporary readers, I republished my novels from the ‘80s.

My Membership in Writing Organizations

As an aspiring author, I belonged to associations that I highly recommend for budding writers as these are sources of wonderful information, fellowship, and inspiration.

My Interests

Apart from writing, I love to play pickleball, ride a bicycle, hike, and read with my husband in our home in Arizona. We also travel throughout the United States in our motorhome during hot summers.

When we are on a trip, I always enjoy seeing God’s beautiful creation. I also love national parks and monuments where nature is preserved for everyone to appreciate.